Paschimottanasana – Seated Forward Bend, Procedure and Benefit1. Get in to Dandasana Pose.

1. Get in to Dandasana Pose.

2. While breathing in bring both your hands over your head.

3. Spine ought to be erect and the tail bone should move outside (in a sunken structure).

4. As you breathe out, twist forward broaden the hands and catch your enormous toes. Hold the correct toe with your correct thumb and list and center fingers. Similarly hold your left enormous toe with the left thumb and record and center fingers.

5. Now while breathing in, stretch out the spine and attempt to keep the back sunken.

6. Now again breathe out, twist and augment your elbows and along these lines utilizing them as switches carry your brow to the knees and rest your elbow joint on the floor.

Remain in that situation for 5 to 10 mins with typical relaxing. For a couple, even to contact the enormous toe with their fingers without twisting the knee will be troublesome. Nothing to stress over, you have recently ruined your body for quite a while without giving it the advantage of being adaptable. Standard practice will assist you with getting in to the right position in around about a month on the off chance that you practice it consistently. Grab hold of you shin and gradually move further to your toes. The significant thing is to keep the spine straight, so ensure your midsection lays on your thighs. You can utilize little cushioning under your sit issues that remains to be worked out off with Paschimottanasana Benefits.

Benefits:This asana conditions all the stomach organs and keep them free from drowsiness. It conditions the kidneys and restores the spine. It helps in improving the assimilation, and is aid for individuals with acridity and heartburn.It expands the general imperativeness and is an incredible solution for impotency. Helps a lot in weight reduction and getting the abdomen and abs fit as a fiddle.

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